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Concrete Vibrators

Browse our full selection of professional concrete vibrator kits, vibrators motors, vibrator shafts, and vibrator heads from Wacker Neuson and Oztec. Concrete vibrators are used to remove air from freshly poured concrete to ensure that the concrete has no voids. This is an important step to ensure properly poured and strong concrete.

Both Wacker Neuson and Oztec offer different sizes of concrete vibrator heads for different applications. Concrete vibrator heads are available as small as 3/4in. for applications where space is tight and as large as 2-1/2in. for larger applications. It's important to match your concrete vibrator head to your application and then match the concrete vibrator shaft and motor to the head.

Concrete vibrator shafts are available in different length from 1.5ft. to as long as 30ft. Some concrete vibrator shafts can be coupled together to extend the shaft if the required length isn't available. It's important to make sure to select the proper shaft for the vibrator head some pencil concrete vibrator heads may require a special shaft.

Concrete vibrator motors are available in both electric and gasoline powered. The electric concrete vibrator motors are lightweight and portable. They are available in 1.5hp – 3.25hp, powerful enough to handle a 2-1/2in. concrete vibrator head. We also offer gasoline powered concrete vibrator motors. These are available in backpack, wheelbarrow, or stationary styles. The gas powered concrete vibrator motors are a convenient solution when electric is not available. Make sure to select the correct concrete vibrator motor to match the concrete vibrator head you need.

Wacker offers a selection of concrete vibrator kits as a simple solution to ordering your concrete vibrator. Choose a kit that includes the concrete vibrator head, shaft, and concrete vibrator motor, ensuring all will be properly matched and you will get proper performance.

High cycle concrete vibrators are a light weight convenient solution to vibrating concrete. These are also available with a variety of head diameters and shaft lengths. The frequency inverter is built-in so no special equipment to purchase.

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