THD37400H Simpson Strong-Tie - Titen HD Screw Anchor - 3/8in x 4in - (Box of 50)

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The Titen HD is a patented, high-strength screw anchor for concrete and masonry. The self-undercutting, non-expansion characteristics of the Titen HD makes it the ideal anchor for structural applications, even at minimum edge distances and under reduced spacing conditions. The proprietary cutting teeth enable the Titen HD to be installed in one eighth of the time when compared to traditional expansion anchors, and at significantly reduced installation torques. This heat-treated anchor undercuts the concrete to create a strong mechanical interlock over the entire length of the anchor. The anchor can be installed with a standard ANSI tolerance drill bit and is removeable. Recommended for permanent dry, non-corrosive applications or temporary outdoor applications.
  • Performance FeaturesHigher load capacity and vibration resistance: Threads along the length of the anchor efficiently transfer the load to the base material. Ratchet teeth on the underside of the hex-washer head help prevent the anchor from loosening in vibratory conditions. Specialized Heat Treating Process: Creates superior surface hardness at the tip to facilitate cutting, while at the same time not compromising ductility within the anchor body. Less spacing and edge distance required: The anchor does not exert expansion forces on the base material. Easy post-installation inspection: The head is stamped with the Simpson sign and the anchor length in inches.
  • MaterialCarbon steel, heat treated.
  • New PropertyZinc plated or mechanically galvanized
  • Suggested SpecificationsScrew anchors shall have 360-degree contact with the base material and shall not require oversized holes for installation. Fasteners shall be manufactured from carbon steel, and are heat-treated. Anchors shall be zinc plated in accordance with ASTM B633. Anchors are not to be reused after initial installation. Screw anchors shall be Titen HD anchors from Simpson Strong-Tie, Dublin, CA. Anchors shall be installed per Simpson Strong-Tie's instructions for the Titen HD.
  • Installation FeaturesNo special drill bit needed: Designed to install using standard sized ANSI tolerance drill bits. Installs with 50% less torque: Testing shows that when compared to competitors, the Titen HD requires 50% less torque to be installed in concrete. The serrated teeth on the lead threads facilitate cutting, allowing the remainder of the threads to follow with very little friction. This enables the user to install the anchor using wrenches or cordless tools. Less installation time: No secondary setting or torquing is required. Hex-washer head: Requires no separate washer and provides a clean installed appearance. Removeable: Ideal for temporary anchoring (e.g. formwork, bracing) or applications where fixtures may need to be moved. Re-use of the anchor to achieve listed load values is not recommended
  • Test CriteriaThe Titen HD anchor has been tested in accordance with ICBO's Acceptance Criteria for Predrilled Fasteners (Screw Anchors) in Concrete or Masonry (AC106) for the following: Static tension and shear loading. Critical and minimum edge distance and spacing. Seismic and wind loading. Combination tension and shear loading. Anchor Fatigue Testing: Tested in accordance with ASTM E-488 for the effects of fatigue. 25% of the average ultimate load was applied to the anchor for 2 million cycles at a frequency of 15 Hz. Subsequent load tests showed no reduction in ultimate tension capacity. Vibratory Load Testing: A 150 lb. concrete block was suspended from a 3/8" diameter anchor embedded at 1-1/2" and vibrated for 12.6 million cycles at a frequency of 30 Hz and an amplitude of 0.0325 inches. Subsequent load test showed no reduction in ultimate tension capacity.
  • Titen HD Drill Bit and Wrench Sizes

    Titen HD                    Drill Bit Size        Wrench or Socket Size

    3/8in Titen HD                3/8in                        9/16in

    1/2in Titen HD                1/2in                        3/4in

    5/8in Titen HD                5/8in                       15/16in

    3/4in Titen HD                3/4in                        1-1/8in

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